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Papaya For Diet, is it Useful??

Posted by Alexandria
Papaya For Diet, is it Useful??

Here is an easy and healthy way to lose your weight. Diet with papaya. You can eat this fruit because it is rich in nutrients and can help you to reduce weight and lower the excess fat from your body. According to one medical website, realbeautys ***. Com, papaya contains a lot of calcium, vitamins, iron and also iboflavin. Fat content contained by the papaya is also very low. It also contains the enzyme papain which can help to aid digestion and reduce the risk of constipation.

A Papaya that has weight of 1/2kg only contains 68 calories. It means only about 3% from 2.000 calories for standard diet and every week, you can reduce up to 3.500 to 7.000 calories or 1 or 2 kg of your body weight.

One small piece of papaya, can contain up to 2.7 grams of fiber. With the fiber, your digestive system will be better, and can absorb carbohydrates. In addition, papaya is also able to reduce the risk of diabetes due to high blood sugar, which can lead to weight gain.

A small piece of papaya, usually containing 0.41 grams of fat. Our bodies also need fat for brain and heart health, but by eating papaya, body fat will not increase dramatically and your body weight will be easier to go down. Papaya also helps to clear toxins from the body and accelerate the body metabolism. One slice of papaya, contain up to 138 grams of water, or 89 percent of the total weight.

How to diet with papaya

It is easy to diet with papaya .. you can consume each morning. You can serve as a salad for breakfast. You can also make papaya juice. Try the papaya diet for one week and see the results.

It's pretty easy right?? do not forget to keep eating healthy foods that are rich in fiber, drinking enough water and regular exercise.

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